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transformational Social Justice In Action

Our nonprofit helps donors and philanthropists act with urgency to achieve long-term global impact 

Climate II Women II Youth II Livelihoods

Solving The Poverty Problem in West Africa

As a locally-led development partner and social justice movement, we fight historic inequality via community economic development, SME and non-profit sector strengthening initiatives in West Africa.

We guide progressive donors to achieve their wealth redistribution and reparative justice goals, facilitating positive change by executing fast with the urgency of now. We deliver bespoke and practical solutions – training, production support, grants and technical assistance – with positive long-term outcomes a priority.

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Find out how our nonprofit works with communities here.

Find out more about our partners and how we work with them here.

We execute nonprofit sector and social enterprise initiatives with our strategic donors and partners

With over 10,000 women and youth who have benefited from our projects and events since 2020, we are now a nonprofit ready to deepen our impact with new donors, partners, board members and supporters.

Fred Deegbe Jr ScaleUp Africa Testimonial
I've learnt so much from ScaleUp about proposals, funding, impact and plugging in what we're doing in the community in a way that will help our business.
Managing Partner
ScaleUp Africa helped us to access a funding and mentorship opportunity where I learnt so much for my business... Pearl Hanson, Sahara Solace Drinks
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ScaleUp Africa was one of the first organisations to offer me support with my food incubator and social enterprise in Ghana... Dr Wanida Lewis, Crescendo Foods
mqdefault_6s (1)
ScaleUp Africa gave us a small grant to support a group of female waste pickers to learn new ways of working to improve their livelihoods. Cordie Aziz, Environment360


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Re-imagining Corporate CSR and Supply Chains For SMEs - Unlocking Millions of Jobs

Engage with an external thought leader and implementation partner like Scaleup Africa, to design and deliver cutting-edge ESG and CSR  initiatives to drive collective corporate and broader socio-economic development in Green Growth, Gender Equality and Jobs etc

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IGNITE Insights For Donor Advised Funds, Wealth and Philanthropy Advisors

A culmination of conversations, feedback, interviews, and real nuggets from ScaleUp Africa’s IGNITE Business Festival. Learn more about how to build better impact investing pipelines and support job creation for tens of millions …

TEDxAccra Talk
II ScaleUp Africa's Co-Founder Amma Gyampo II

In this COVID edition of TEDx Accra, "What's Development got to do with it?"
explores themes of Patriarchy, Wealth Redistribution, Charitable Giving and Power Dynamics in Global Philanthropy. Learn how to approach wealth redistribution and about modern trends in Philanthropy and Charitable Giving - inspired by Darren Walker, Mackenzie Scott and her Yield Giving team...