West Africa Deal Summit 2023


Reach For Change Partnership

Anthology on Gender and Entrepreneurship

Reach For Change Partnership

Global Advisory Board

Reach For Change Partnership

Partnering for Change Events

Vodafone UK

F-LANE Accelerator for Female Empowerment

ACCESS BANK Pan-African Women’s Conference ‘ 21, ‘22

Woven Worldwide (Artisans)

Strengthening Supply Chains: Enabling 70 Women Weavers with Design, Quality Control Training, Access To New Digital Export Markets, Mobile Money

ESOKO - AgriTech

Boosting Profits For Female-Led Micro Agribusinesses With Digital & Financial Literacy Tools

Opportunities For Women

New, Green Economy

YouthConnekt Africa Summit 2021

SME Engagement, Branding and Communications

100 Women in Green Construction & Climate Adaptation

100 Young Women In Leather Works

Alternative Livelihoods, Gender Safeguarding, Product Marketing and Business Basics Training

100 African Women In AgriBusiness

‘Green’ Agric, Food Processing and Product Marketing Capacity Building

Survival Series

Agribiz Project

Professionalising 14 National Women’s Groups And Associations With Over 1m Members

Freezelink Agro ColdChain Summit

Promoting “Africa’s Horticultural Highway”

IGNITE Pan-African Business Festival

National TV Production, Entrepreneurship Education and Climate Action for Youth

Capacity Building For 10,000 Women-Led MSMEs

COVID Resilience and Recovery Programme

Capacity Building For 10,000 Women-Led MSMEs