COVID Resilience & Recovery Programme Consortium: Grant Support For 10,000 SMESs. Technical Lead: Gender & Social Innovation.

Freezelink Agro ColdChain Summit - Promoting “Africa’s Horticulture". Ecosystem Lead and Convening Partnership

100 Young Women In Leatherworks. Diversifying and Promoting 'Eco' Livelihoods, Social Protection for Women and Girls, Grantmaking

Circular Economy TV Show & Conference and Waste Management Enterprise Skills For Women

YouthConnekt Africa Summit 21 SME Ecosystem Engagement and Communications Lead

Boosting Profits For Female-Led Micro Agribusinesses With Digital & Financial Literacy Tools

Agribiz Project - Professionalising 14 National Women’s Groups And Associations With Over 1m Members

ACCESS BANK Pan-African Women’s Conference ‘21, ‘22 and 'Womenpreneur' Accelerator Technical Assistance

F-LANE Accelerator for Female Empowerment