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International development funders, social enterprise, impact investment and innovative finance leaders dream of making a lasting social impact - that's what drives us. We understand the deep emotional connection, grit, vision and courage it takes to do this work - during recent roundtable meetings with practitioners, many local practitioners reported report feeling underpaid, underfunded, overworked, misunderstood, undercut, ahead of your time with your big, naive ideas for a better world and invisible while fighting 'David & Goliath' Global South vs Global North power dynamics. Sound familiar? At the recently held West Africa Deal Summit on Impact Investing, Ibukun Awosika commented on the grit and character required of practitioners in this space that are driving change:

Amma Gyampo Ghana Impact Summit
With Ibukun Awosika (Chair), Etemore Glover (CEO) of Nigeria's National Advisory Board on Impact Investing, Global Steering Group (GSG)

“You need the courage of a Lion to do what you all do – innovating and driving action in the Impact Investing and International Development space. You are all heroes.”

At ScaleUp Africa, we share this passion for systems change and scaling generational Impact - we're are dedicated to supporting International Devleopment, Catalytic Capital and Philanthropic efforts for Africa every step of the way and I'd like to re-introduce what it is we do to add value to these efforts.

Let's get together

Our comprehensive suite of consulting and project management services is designed to help large organisations in the international development, philanthropy and social impact arena to unleash their true potential. We help our clients get impact right and resourcing underserved communities in Africa and the Diaspora through: - SME/Enterpreneurship Ecosystem Building and Strengthening Technical Assistance, Capacity Building and Grant Making Investor Readiness and Due Diligence Support Advocacy, Convenings and Communications Sectors: Agribusiness, Creative, Tech, Tourism, Trade Thematic Areas: Gender, Youth, Livelihoods, Climate & Sustainability, Skills, Diversity & Inclusion, Catalytic Capital and Innovative Finance

Why We Love What We Do

To help: 1. Ignite Your Vision Locally: We believe in the power of your vision. Our experienced local experts will work closely with you to transform your vision into a strategic roadmap for change. Together, we will navigate the complex landscape of international development, helping you bring your ideas to life and create a lasting legacy. #localisation #consulting 2. Unleash Collective Power: Change is not created in isolation. It takes a network of passionate individuals and organizations working together to achieve remarkable results. Our expertise in stakeholder engagement and partnership facilitation will connect you with like-minded changemakers, and communities that remain underserved in hard-to-reach places - empowering you to collaborate, share knowledge, and amplify your collective impact. #partnerships #ecosysystembuilding #capacitybuilding #technicalassistance 3. Amplify Your Voice: Your work deserves to be heard. Our communication and advocacy support will help you achieve real Impact outcomes allowing you to tell your Impact story with authenticity and passion. Your Management, Board and Stakeholders will love you for this. We help our clients craft compelling narratives that resonate with your audience, enabling you to inspire action, mobilize resources, and raise awareness about the critical issues you address. #realimpact #narratives 4. Empower Your Team To Champion Gender, Diversity and Access: Your team is at the heart of your organization's success. Our customized capacity building and training programs will empower your staff with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to excel. Together, we will nurture a culture of learning and growth, fostering a team of dedicated individuals who are fully equipped to drive social impact for women, for youth, for communities, for nations. #systemsthinking #diversityandinclusion

Let’s Collaborate on Innovative Impact Strategies for Women and SMEs.

When you become part of our vibrant community of social impact champions you gain access to our network of visionaries who share your commitment to getting Impact right.

Let’s Collaborate on Innovative Impact Strategies for Women and SMEs.

Empathetic Partnerships Make All The Difference. We understand the emotional connection you have to your mission. We are here to support you, inspire you and empower you to reach new Impact heights through Innovation and Collaboration. Our track record of success, coupled with our unwavering dedication, makes us your trusted partner in driving meaningful and lasting social impact.

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Ready to turn your dreams into reality? Let's have a conversation about your goals, challenges and aspirations. Together, we will create a custom roadmap that unlocks the full potential of your organisation' social impact initiatives. Alternatively, tag someone you know who could use some help figuring this 'Impact and Gender thing' out. 🙂 Let's Join Forces, Today.

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