Diversity Is The Key To Effective Philanthropy: ScaleUp Africa Unveils Giving Circle

Scale Up Africa just launched its new Giving Circle in-line with growing calls for a more flexible, effective approach to international development and philanthropy in the pursuit of social justice and equity.

With an estimated 1% of Global grantmaking dollars going to African-led organizations, 50% of climate funding going to a handful of primarily male-led organizations, and less than 1% of gender equality dollars going to feminist organizations. ScaleUp Africa is uniquely positioned to help exacting donors and funder networks in need of diverse, effective philanthropy support and less complexity in the pursuit of social change by giving directly to address the effects of historically harmful practices in Africa.

Amid the growing trend towards simplifying philanthropy, there are growing calls to embrace diversity and enable new approaches and next-gen activators to make the field more effective.

Impact Giving

The grantmaking non-profit - based in Accra and New York - enables donors to access overlooked causes while promoting disruptive innovation, livelihood and productivity solutions for underserved women, youth, entrepreneurship education and community economic development initiatives in West Africa.

ScaleUp Africa's newly established 2025 Giving Circle provides members access to overlooked ideas and initiatives and even a chance to visit West Africa for an immersive Impact and culture-packed experience where they will see how their giving impacts systemic challenges and creates social justice outcomes in the Region.

Circle members pool their philanthropic donations and ultimately achieve a deeper understanding of creating real impact through collective giving with like-minded community members and a coach while enabling ScaleUp Africa to reach its 2025 impact goals.

The non-profit's approach to designing and managing strategic initiatives addresses systemic inequity, socio-economic, climate, livelihood, and productivity issues, supporting social enterprises tackling unmet mass market needs.

"We are thrilled to introduce our 2025 Giving Circle as a powerful vehicle for change," said Amma Gyampo, Co-Founder and Director of Strategy and Impact at Scale Up Africa.

"We are promoting our technical approach to sustainable development and the disruptive innovation required to create jobs and opportunities for women and youth in underserved communities. By joining this circle, Members stand on the frontlines with us to amplify the opportunity for global philanthropy to be brave and more diverse - unlocking long-term positive outcomes in this challenging, yet overlooked, Region."

“By joining this circle, Members stand on the frontlines with us to amplify the opportunity for global philanthropy”

Supporting Donors

In addition to the new giving circle, Scale Up Africa is expanding its range of ways to better support donors and philanthropy in realizing their goals. This includes the introduction of the 1% Pledge, which offers individual and institutional philanthropists or funder organizations the flexibility to allocate their charitable contributions to aligned initiatives.

Donors can actively participate in decision-making processes, have more control over their philanthropic endeavours, or develop arms-length trust-based philanthropy programming to tackle significant, complex social justice challenges.

"At ScaleUp Africa, we understand that every donor has unique interests, time constraints and priorities," said Gyampo, "by serving as a responsive grantmaker and philanthropy advisor, we allow each circle member or pledge partner to create a meaningful impact that aligns with their values in a way that is a win-win.

"Our aim is to keep it very simple for all involved and focus on long-term outcomes and root-cause solutions to challenges. We are also intentionally responsive to our high-impact social enterprises, market creators, collectives, cooperatives, and champions. We are committed to overcoming entrenched challenges to achieve our potential for equitable development and change."

Scale Up Africa invites individuals, private wealth advisors, HNWIs, charitable trust practitioners, philanthropy and international development donors, corporate Philanthropy / CSR and foundations to explore the new giving circle.
By collaborating with Scale Up Africa, donors can contribute to transformative change and empower women, businesses and young entrepreneurs across the continent in ways that simplify and diversify Global Philanthropy.

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